Book List

Chemical Engineering

S.No Subject Book Name Author Name
1 Maths Maths. B.S. Grewal
Maths, H.K. Das
2 Thermodynamic Thermodynamic. J.M. Smith
3 Plant Design and Economic Plant Design and Economic. Timmerhous
4 Chemical technology Chemical technology. Dryden
5 Mechanical Operation Mechanical Operation McCabe
6 Process Calculation Process Calculation. Himmelblau
7 Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics McCabe
Fluid Mechanics. K.L. Kumar
8 Heat Transfer Heat Transfer J.P. Holman
Heat Transfer. Karn
9 Mass Transfer Mass Transfer McCabe
Mass Transfer. Jeankoplis
Mass Transfer, Trybal
10 Process Dynamic Control Process Dynamic Control Seborg
Process Dynamic Control. Stepnopholous
Process Dynamic Control, Coughenour
11 Chemical Reaction Engineering Chemical Reaction Engineering Fogler
Chemical Reaction Engineering. Levenspiel
12 Measurement and Instrumentation Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
  1. K. Sahney


Mechanical Engineering

S.No Subject Book Name Author Name
1 Strength of Materials Strength of Materials: Elementary theory and problems Timoshenko gere
Strength of Materials.. RAMAMRUTHAM
Introduction to Strength of Materials U.C. Jindal
2 Operations Research Operations Research A.M. Natarajan
Operations Research. Natarajan, Balasubramani
Operations Research, Mahajan and mahajan
3 Industrial Engg. Industrial engineering and management
  1. P. Khanna
Modern Production / Operations Management Buffa, Sarin
4 Production Engg A Textbook Of Production Engineering P.C. Sharma
Manufacturing Technology P N Rao
Manufacturing Science Amitabha Ghosh and AK Malik
Manufacturing Processes (1& 2) Second Edition Raghuwanshi
5 Material Science Materials Science And Eng An Introduction 6ed Callister
Engineering Material Science and Metallurgy
  1. P. Singh
6 Machine Design Machine design Joseph Edward Shigley
Design Of Machine Elements 3E VB Bhandari
7 Mechanical Vibration Mechanical Vibration V.P Singh
Mechanical VibrationS G.K,Grover
8 Theory of Machines Theory Of Machines Rattan
The theory of machines Thomas Bevan
9 Fluid Machinery Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics (in SI & MKS Units) Jagdish Lal
A Text Book of Theory of Machines
  1. K. Bansal
10 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  1. P. Arora.
Couses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Domkundwar
A Text Book of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines R.K. Bansal
Text Book of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines R.K. Bansal
11 Heat transfer Heat and mass transfer: (SI units) D.S. Kumar
Heat Transfer (Si Units) Sie Holman
Heat & Mass Transfer 2E P.K. Nag
Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer R.C. Sachdeva
12 Compressible Flow Fundamentals Of Compressible Flow
  1. M. Yahya
Gas Dynamics
  1. Rathakrishnan
13 Fluid Mechanics Fluid mechanics and fluid power engineering
  1. S. Kumar
Engineering Fluid Mechanics K.L. Kumar
Fluid Mechanics Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala
Fluid Mechanics (Sie) Frank M. White
14 Gas Turbine and Propulsive Systems Gas Turbines and Propulsive Systems P.R. Khajuria, S.P. Dubey
Gas Turbine Theory Cohen
15 I.C. Engine Course in Internal Combustion Engines M L Mathur, R P Sharma
16 THERMODYNAMICS Engineering Thermodynamics P K Nag
Thermodynamics: an engineering approach Yunus A. Cengel, Michael A. Boles.


Civil Engineering

S.No Subject Book Name Author Name
1 Plastic Analysis Plastic analysis of structures Philip Gibson Hodge
2 Steel Structures Design of Steel Structures
  1. Ramamrutham
Design of Steel Structures. Punmia
3 R.C.C. Design Reinforced Concrete Design, Second Revised Edition S N Sinha
Design Of R.C.C. Structural Elements S.S. Bhavikatti
4 Building Materials Engineering Materials Rangwala
Building Materials Duggal S.K.
5 Docks & Harbors’ Dock and Harbour Engineering: The design of docks Henry F. Cornick, Brysson Cunningham
Dock and Harbour Engineering Rangwala
6 Airport Engineering Airport Engineering Rangwala
Airport Planning & Design
  1. K. Khanna, M. G. Arora
7 Railway Engineering Railway Engineering Rangwala
Railway Engineering. Saxena and Arora
8 Highway Engineering Highway Engineering Khanna and Justo
Highway Engineering. Paul H. Wright, Karen Dixon
9 Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering S.K. Garg
Environmental Engineering. Metcalf & Eddy
10 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines Dr. R.K. Bansal
Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machines.
  1. Ramamrutham, R. Narayan
11 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Dr. B.C. Punmia
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering. Purushothama Raj
12 Theory of Structures/ Analysis of Structure Theory of structure
  1. Ramamrutham, R. Narayan
Analysis of structure Vaidyanathan
13 Strength of Materials Strength of Materials Dr. B.C. Punmia, Arun Kr. Jain
Strength of Materials. Dr. R.K. Bansal


Electrical Engineering

S.No Subject Book Name Author Name
1 Power Electronics Power Electronics PS Bhimra
2 Power System Power System Engg. Nagrath & Kothari
Electric Power Systems CL Wadhwa
3 Electrical Machine Electrical Machinery PS Bhimra
Electrical Machines Nagrath & Kothari
4 Measurement and Instrumentation Electronic Instrumentation
  1. S. Kalsi
5 Electrical Engineering Material science Electrical Engineering Material science S.P. Seth
6 Network Theory Networks and Systems
  1. Roy Choudhury
Engineering circuit analysis William Hart Hayt, Jack Ellsworth Kemmerly, Steven M. Durbin
7 Microwave Engineering Microwave Devices and Circuits Liao Samuel Y., Liao
Microwave Engineering
  1. L. Sisodia, V. L. Gupta
Microwave Engineering. Pozar
8 Computer Engineering Microprocessor Architecture, Programming & Application Ramesh S. Gaonkar
Computer Organization and Structure Stallings
9 Digital Electronics Digital Design
  1. Morris Mano
Digital Systems Ronald J. Tocci
Modern Digital Electronics
  1. P. Jain
10 Electro Magnetic Theory Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics Nannapaneni Narayana Rao
Elements of Electromagnetics Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Engineering Electromagnetics Rajeev Bansal
Antenna and Wave Propagation K.D. Prasad
11 Control System Control System Engg. I.G. Nagrath & M. Gopal
Automatic Control System V.U.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Automatic Control System. Benjamin C. Kuo
Linear Control System B.S. Manke
12 Monochrome and colour Monochrome and colour R.R. Gulati
13 Satellite Communications Satellite Communications Pratt
14 Optical Fiber Communication Optical Fiber Communication Principles And Practice 2ed Senior
Optical fiber communications Gerd Keiser
15 Signal and System Signal and System Oppenheim and Willsky
16 Modern Digital and Analog Communication System Modern Digital and Analog Communication System Bhagwandas Pannalal Lathi
17 Communication System Communication System Simon Haykin, Michael Moher
18 Electronic Devices & Circuits & Analog Electronics Integrated electronics: analog and digital circuits and systems Jacob Millman, Christos C. Halkias
Microelectronic Circuits Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth Carless Smith
Electronic Devices and Circuits J.B. Gupta
OP Amp and linear Integrated Circuit Ramakant A.Gayakwad
Solid State electronic devices Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Kumar Banerjee
Physics of Semiconductor Devices S.M.Sze


Genral Studies

S.No Subject Book Name Author Name
2 Indian Polity Political Science NCERT books of class XI and XII NCERT
Introduction to Indian Constitution D.D. Basu
Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap
Indian Constitution (Bare Act) P.M. Bakshi
3 India and World Geography Geography NCERT books of class XI and XII NCERT
India-2013 Publication Division, Government of India
4 Indian National Movement Modern Indian history Bipan Chandra
5 History of India Social Science NCERT books of class IX and X (topics to cover- Contemporary India, India and Contemporary World I, India and Contemporary World II) NCERT
Social Science NCERT books of class XI and XII (topics to cover- Themes in World History, Themes in India History- I, II and III) NCERT
6 Current Affairs of National and International importance Newspapers- The Economic Times, The Times of India, The Hindu, Statesman, Telegraph JAIN SIR
Periodicals- Frontline, Business Today, Business Outlook, Yojana: Publication Division, Government of India NA
Current affairs & Regular current affairs NA
7 General Science: NCERT Science books of class IX, X,XI AND XII NCERT
8 Other Sources Regular watching of TV News DD)and reading general magazines
9 Prelims Guide Any Standard Guide available in the market like Pearsons,Tata McGrawHill, ….
10 Newspapers / Daily Any Standard English Daily like THE HINDU ..
11 Magazines Frontline (For Mains & Interview) Competition wizard/Civil Services Chronicle / Civil Service Times (Any 1) Yojana [Published by Publication Division]6 ..
12 GK Books Manorama Year Book – 2013 India Year Book – 2013 (Publication Division) GK Books
13 Indian Economy Pratiyogita Darpan (Latest Edition) and Economic survey [2013-14] Indian Economy
Economics NCERT books of class XI and XII NCERT
Indian Economy Ruddar Dutt and K.P.M. Sundaram
Indian Economy .. S.K. Mishra and V.K. Puri
Economic Survey of India Publication Division, Government of India
India-2013 Publication Division, Government of Indi
14 Indian Polity [constitution] Indian polity – by Laxmikanth (TMH publications) Introduction to constitution of India – D.D. Basu Indian Constitution – P.M. Bakshi / .
15 NCERT Books Indian History – Class XI & XII Indian Geography – Class VI to XII Science – Class IX & X NCERT Books